Business Loans


Loans for any business purpose that may be secured by property – including residential, commercial, industrial or rural; by business assets; or by vehicles, machinery or equipment.

  • Commercial Loans
    Loans for any purpose that use commercial, industrial or rural property as security.
  • Property Development Loans
    A loan to construct multiple residential and / or commercial properties for resale. Interest may be capitalised during the construction phase.
  • Business Loans
    Loans for business purchase or use that are secured solely by the business assets but excludes property as security.
  • Chattel Mortgages
    A loan to purchase a vehicle, machinery or equipment predominately for business use. Popular with sole proprietors, partnerships or companies. The borrower becomes the owner of the asset while the financier secures a charge over the asset. GST is not payable on the loan repayments.
  • Hire Purchase
    Unlike a chattel mortgage, under a Hire Purchase arrangement you do not become owner of the vehicle, machinery or equipment until all monies owed under the arrangement are paid. GST is not payable on the Hire Purchase repayments.
  • Short Term Lending
    A short term bridging loan for any business or investment purpose with real estate security. Suitable if you require a quick settlement or funds in as little as 48hours.